Hi!  I'm Gammy in my grandchildren's world and Tammy in my "big girl" world… a painter, designer, creative crafter, "simple living" outdoor enthusiast, organic gardener, believer in permaculture principles, an animal lover and bunny slippers wearer... who blogs about it.   (smile)

I raised my children as a single parent in the medical and corporate world, although I'm now fortunate enough to return to my artistic roots by creating special moments and stirring up fond childhood memories through my artwork (mainly for children) and other lovely gifts that I make and sell at Gammy's House and my Etsy shop.
My friends have jokingly called me "Martha" (as in Stewart); not because we both have the same last name (which we do), but because I've been a creative visionary for as long as I can remember.  When I'm not in my studio creating lovely things to sell, barter with or gift... you can probably find me concocting medicinal tinctures, designing next year's garden plot, strolling a flea market, looking for upcycled inspiration, creating tasty gourmet-like dishes from foraged edible plants or dreaming of a tiny home in the woods that I hope to someday own.

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Tammy Stewart - Affectionately Tammy Artist
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My body of work is a reflection of my personal life's journey and the lessons that I've learned along the way, as well as my passions that are greatly influenced by my beliefs. 

My hope is that what I create, in some small way, may teach values that nurture positive attitudes, offer encouragement, ignite passions, provide strength that restores hope and brings you joy.

Affectionately Tammy- Artist Tammy Stewart - Home
May you embrace what matters most in life, uncover the magical gifts in the every day, reconnect with heart lifting moments from your "child within" and find the courage to seek out your passions and follow your dreams…